Department of Finance and Decision Sciences



Funded Research Projects

General Research Fund (GRF)
Year Principal Investigator Project Title
2010-2011 Dr. Li Gang The Hedging Cost, Market Making and Liquidity of Derivative Securities
2008-2009 Dr. Kot Hung-wan Short-sale Constraints and A-H Share Premiums
2008-2009 Prof. Lam Kin Pseudo-Bayesian Updating and Market Anomalies

Faculty Research Grant (FRG)
Year Principal Investigator Project Title
2008-2009 Dr. Kot Hung-wan Long-term performance of addition and deletion of Hang Seng Index constituent stocks
2007-2008 Dr. Kot Hung-wan The King's New Clothes? Price Reaction of Corporate Name Changes in the Hong Kong Market

Research Theme

Financial Derivatives and Investment Strategies

Recent and ongoing work has examined the market microstructure of the derivatives markets, the hedging and arbitrage effectiveness of derivatives, the volatility estimation of derivatives trading, the pricing of risky assets, the market anomaly in asset pricing and investment trading strategies.

Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance

Recent and ongoing work has examined the dividend policy of firms and national culture, capital structure and corporate re-structuring and event waves, ownership structure, large shareholdings and impact on listed firm’s valuations, and patterns of corporate governance in listed firms and its impact on firm’s performance.