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Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences

Academic & Professional Qualifications

PhD CityU

Research Interests

Business information systems and analytics, User-centered technology design, Digital commerce, Innovation and IT implementation, NeurolS

  • Al Isma'ili, S., Li, M., Shen, J., & He, Q. (2017). Cloud Computing Adoption Decision Modeling for SMEs: A Conjoint Analysis. International Journal of Web and Grid Services.
  • Li, M., Tan, C., Wei, K., & Wang, K. (2017). Sequentiality of Product Review Information Provision: An Information Foraging Perspective. MIS Quarterly.
  • Li, M., Tan, C., Wei, K., & Tayi, G. (2016). The Moderating Role of Information Load on Online Product Presentation. Information and Management.
  • Li, M., Jiang, Q., Tan, C., & Wei, K. (2014). Enhancing User-Game Engagement through Software Gaming Elements. Journal of Management Information Systems.
  • Li, M., Huang, L., Tan, C., & Wei, K. (2013). Helpfulness of Online Product Reviews as Seen by Consumers: Source and Content Features. International Journal of Electronic Commerce.
  • Li, M., Tan, C., Teo, H., & Wei, K. (2012). Effects of Product Learning Aids on the Breadth and Depth of Recall. Decision Support Systems.
  • Yang, S., Wang, K., Wang, Y., & Li, M. (2009). he Experimental Research of the Online Privacy Trust and the Behavior Intention Building -- In the Perspective of Reputation, Privacy Policy and Privacy Seals. 管理评论 (Management Review).
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