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Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences

Research Interests

<;div>;Household Finance, Behavioral Finance, Financial Institutions<;/div>;

  • Agarwal, S., & Zhang, J. (2020). FinTech, Lending and Payment Innovation: A Review. Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, 49(3), 353-367.
  • Agarwal, S., Qian, W., Seru, A., & Zhang, J. (2020). Disguised Corruption: Evidence from Consumer Credit in China. Journal of Financial Economics, 137(2), 430-450.
  • Tan, W., & Zhang, J. (2020). Good Days, Bad Days: Stock Market Fluctuation and Taxi Tipping Decisions. Management Science.
  • Li, J., Massa, M., Zhang, H., & Zhang, J. (2019). Air pollution, behavioral bias, and the disposition effect in China. Journal of Financial Economics.
  • Agarwal, S., Green, R., Rosenblatt, E., Yao, V., & Zhang, J. (2018). Gender difference and intra-household economic power in mortgage signing order. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 36, 86-100.
  • Agarwal, S., He, J., Sing, T., & Zhang, J. (2018). Gender Gap in Personal Bankruptcy Risks: Empirical Evidence from Singapore. Review of Finance, 22(2), 813-847.
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