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Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences

Academic & Professional Qualifications

PhD University of Florid

Research Interests

Capital Structure, Share Repurchases, IPO, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, International Finance

  • Wang, Z., Yin, Q., & Yu, L. (2021). Real effects of share repurchases legalization on corporate behaviors. Journal of Financial Economics, 140(1), 197-219.
  • Yin, Q., & Ritter, Jay R. (2020). The Speed of Adjustment to the Target Market Value Leverage Is Slower Than You Think. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 55(6), 1946-1977.
  • Dudley, E., & Yin, Q. (2018). Financial Distress, Refinancing, and Debt Structure. Journal of Banking and Finance, 94, 185-207.
  • Lyon, T., Lu, Y., Shi, X., & Yin, Q. (2013). How do investors respond to Green Company Awards in China. Ecological Economics, 94, 1-8.
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