Department of Finance and Decision Sciences



What is ISEM?

The Information Systems and e-Business Management (ISEM) Concentration of the BBA (Hons) Degree Programme meets the needs of e-business revolution taken place in Hong Kong and the threats imposed by the ever-changing technology. The Concentration provides students with a broad knowledge of e-Business management and a solid understanding of information systems auditing. Graduates will be equipped with the life-long learning ability to meet the changing needs of a society which is rapidly transforming into a services-led and knowledge-based economy.

What will Our Students Study?
The BBA curriculum provides students with rigorous common core business courses, each student takes 39 units of CORE courses, 21 units of CONCENTRATION courses, 38 units of GENERAL EDUCATION  programme and 30 units of FREE ELECTIVE courses. Students can base on their interests to select the courses related to the three main streams of our program.
  •  The IT Auditing stream prepares students to become IT Auditor. Our curriculum is aligned with the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA®) Model Curriculum for IS Audit and Control. Our courses will prepare students for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA®) examination. To become a Certified IS Auditor, the working experience requirement will be reduced to 2 years from 5 years for our graduates because of the curriculum alignment.
    o    Rewarding Jobs include: IS/IT auditors, IT risk managers, IT consultants 

  • The e-Business Management stream prepares students to be IT marketing professionals and social media professionals. Students will learn how to utilize and manage digital assets of an organization to create competitive advantage and new business opportunities. They will also acquire knowledge on designing, launching, and analyzing Internet marketing (social media) campaigns.
    o    Rewarding Jobs include: Social media managers, social media analysts, social media specialists, e-Marketing executives, e-Marketers, Digital marketing analysts

  • The Business Systems Analysis and Design stream prepares students to be business analysts, system analysts and project managers. Our courses introduce students to the ideas and techniques of business systems analysis and design. Upon graduation, students will be able to demonstrate and apply various methods, techniques, and modeling tools for systems analysis and design. They will also be able to identify and model the business processes. 
    o    Rewarding Jobs include: Project managers, system coordinators, system operators, system analysts, business analysts

What are the Professional Recognitions?
1. Information Systems Auditing and Control Association  (ISACA®) 
As of 25 August 2009, the Hong Kong Baptist University BBA Information Systems and e-Business Management curriculum as submitted to  ISACA® was found to be in alignment with the ISACA Model Curriculum for IS Audit and Control. Graduates of this program qualify for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA®) designation with one year work experience.
2. Hong Kong Computing Society (HKCS)
Graduates are eligible to register as Graduates Member of the Society.