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HSBC global banking lead speaks on sustainable financing

01 Mar, 2018
Managing Director, Co-Head of Global Banking, Mr. Wallace Lam from HSBC Hong Kong was engaged in an afternoon’s dialogue with a full house of participants, covering a broad set of contemporary issues in sustainable finance and economy.

Speaking on sustainable financing and the role of Hong Kong, Mr. Lam shared insights from his 23 years’ tenure with HSBC spanning across Global Banking, Commercial Banking, Debt Capital Markets, Risk Management, Retail Banking and Wealth Management and Global Trade and Receivables Finance.

Mr. Lam explained why sustainable finance is relevant. “As today’s students, you should be no strangers to sustainability. We now live in a time when there are many complex problems and multiple revolutionary innovations reshaping our world simultaneously. Climate change is perhaps one of the most fundamental and pressing issues – and the Paris Agreement in 2015 was the tipping point to trigger awareness and actions responding to this threat mainstream.

Under the 2ºC scenario, globally some 100 trillion US dollars will have to be invested in infrastructure over the next 15 years to shift growth toward a low-carbon trajectory. China is emerging as a key player in taking ambitious steps towards decarbonisation and capacity building for renewable energy.

Modern technologies will enable the transition to a lower-carbon economy more quickly and smart cities are becoming a driving force. New viable business models and high-tech sectors are transforming the economy, creating new business and job opportunities. Taking the automotive industry as an example, for manufacturers not making transitions in their investments to the new economy, they would probably have to bear the cost of going out of business by 2040, when over 50% of vehicles worldwide will be powered by electricity.

In fact, the HKSAR government is also undertaking to transform Hong Kong into a green financial centre. Mrs. Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, said in her policy address that the government would take the lead in arranging the issuance of a green bond in the next financial year. And this is where I believe the opportunities will come for you as tomorrow’s bankers, investors, policy-makers, as Hong Kong has long been an international financial centre for China.”

HKBU President Prof. Roland Chin and HKBU School of Business Dean Ed Snape thanked Mr. Lam for taking part in the dialogue session.  Prof. Ed Snape said that nurturing future business leaders with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility is at the core of the School’s education. “We’ve been working hard to ensure this runs through our programmes, our research, our educational activities and our engagements with the corporate sector. The multifaceted resources of universities and professional bodies can be leveraged to foster talent, facilitate collaborations and catalyse innovations for sustainable financing solutions.”

Organised by the HKBU School of Business, Dialogue with HSBC Distinguished Leader: Sustainable Financing – The Role of Hong Kong was presented as part of its continuous effort to nurture students through interactive sessions with leaders and experts from industry.

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